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Zhuang Guifei blushed with anger, her neck was thick, her eyes were wide, and she was aggressive. She strangled Shuiyun Park. "Aren’t you afraid that the palace will tell the emperor about your crimes and tell heaven and man? Even if the emperor pampers you again, he won’t tolerate you."

Shuiyunjin shrugged her shoulders casually. "You can tell the emperor now to let him cure me of a blasphemy, but I will also tell the emperor how angry the emperor will be when you give the mother princess a poison. I don’t know, but I think he must really want to know what you want to do. Heaven and man also want to know that Gao Zhuangguifei is so ruthless. I’d like to see you again."
"Shuiyunjin, I really want to kill you. I should have killed you a long time ago." Zhuang Guifei was furious.
"Ever since you met me, you’ve been trying to kill me, but you didn’t succeed every time. Now that you’re poisoned, this girl around me can help you. You’d better be polite to me and be honest with me. Don’t think about dealing with Lan Wangfu and stay in this Lingfei Palace for a few years, or you’ll have nothing if you die."
Shuiyunjin just wants to grieve Zhuang Guifei. I’m afraid all this today makes her feel worse than killing her, but it’s all because she asked for it and repeatedly found herself in trouble. Really, I dare not shoot her?
"You go to the palace and don’t want to see you again."
Zhuang Guifei gnashed her teeth and tried her best.
"I’ll go naturally, and God knows I don’t want to step into Lingfei Palace at all." Shuiyunjin finally took one look at Zhuangguifei and turned out of Lingfei Palace.
As soon as Shuiyunjin walked out, she heard the broken sound of porcelain inside, one after another, and her face froze and she kept walking out of the palace.
Outside the palace gate, Shuiyun Hibiscus went straight to the carriage. Her feet were in such a hurry that she didn’t even look up. Suddenly, a piece of vertical black brocade robe was reflected in her eyes, and a warm and light smile sounded on her head. "Why are you in such a hurry?"
There shouldn’t be many words:
Chapter 123 to
Shui Yunjin looked up and saw that it was Ling Xiaoyao and beautiful and elegant Yong with a smile. She consciously asked, "Are you going to the palace?"
"I know you went into the palace to wait for you." Ling Xiaoyao smiled gently.
ShuiYunJin frowned slightly "wait for me to have something"
"Have you ever heard of Master Lingyin?" Ling Xiaoyao’s smiling voice is very pleasant.
Shuiyunjin frowned, and Master Lingyin was the abbot of Lingyin Temple. She knew that this man was highly respected and admired by many people. It was not an ordinary monk. The monk who was so respected in ancient times was definitely not a simple man.
Ling Xiaoyao looked at Shuiyunjin thoughtfully and smiled warmly. "You never like to inquire about these things. It should be unclear that Master Lingyin is not an ordinary monk. The world calls him a holy monk. He is not only profound in Buddhism, but also knows his destiny and his martial arts are unfathomable."
"Then what do these have to do with me?" Shuiyun Hibiscus is not white
"Maybe he can help you." Ling Xiaoyao’s quiet eyes set her face.
Shuiyun Park looked at Lingxiaoyao and saw that his eyes were obviously serious and Lingxiaoyao didn’t need to lie to her.
"Not to mention that I have never seen him before, will he help me, and I really have no feelings for those so-called Taoist monks?"
"What do you feel?" Ling Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows with a smile.
It is quite difficult for Shuiyunjin to leave the pie mouth and say bad things about people. It is always a bad situation or a respected holy monk. However, seeing Ling Xiaoyao so curious, she is very reluctant. "It is just a kind of trick to trick people into pretending to be a god stick."
Smell speech LingXiaoYao unexpectedly low laugh seems to be very pleasant.
"What are you laughing at?" Shuiyunjin asked.
"I suddenly feel that what you said is also good" LingXiaoYao said with a smile.
"Don’t you think so? I heard that you hit it off with him." Whether it’s Lingyin master or Lingxiaoyao in Shuiyun Park’s eyes has a common feature, that is, they all have the posture of being an old fairy, otherwise how can they hit it off?
"My master has been getting along with each other for many years at first sight, but he has never been too involved. In his eyes, he is a holy monk. Naturally, he has a great advantage, but the divination face is really suspected of being a stick of God with only one mouth." Ling Xiaoyao laughed at himself
ShuiYunXi glanced at LingXiaoYao appreciatively, that’s how she recognized it.
"But you’d better take a trip and whether he is a magic stick or not." Ling Xiaoyao smiled.
ShuiYunXi twist eyebrow thought for a moment she nodded.
"Let’s go carriage there" LingXiaoYao openings.
Shuiyunjin looked at the almost luxurious carriage not far away, and her eyes flashed, "I’ll go by myself. I’m sure Master Lingyin won’t refuse to see it."
Ling Xiaoyao’s eyes are deep. "I haven’t seen the master for a long time, and I just went with you."
Shui Yunjin tried to refuse and swallowed back. He didn’t want to follow her, but he just wanted to go. What else can she say? Besides, it would be unkind of her to go. "Well, I’ll follow you before you."
品茶论坛"You and I are so familiar." LingXiaoYao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes as clear as a spring. He frowned for a moment. "Are you worried?"
Shui Yunjin knew what Ling Xiaoyao wanted to say. She smiled and said, "It’s not that you and I are open and honest. He won’t think much about it. Anyway, the road will be delayed for a long time, so it’s better to talk with him in a carriage."
LingXiaoYao nodded because his clear eyes darkened with water and clouds, so he didn’t see some words without saying much. LingXiaoyao must also want to be white.
Two people sit in a carriage. Joe and Zi Xia sit together outside the carriage.
At this time, Shuiyunjin didn’t know that a strong wind suddenly blew in the capital, causing an uproar.
Lingyin Temple is far from the capital, and it is almost dark just once and for all.
The carriage is decorated with luxurious pear flowers, elegant fragrant tea and fragrant incense, plus Ling Xiaoyao’s beautiful and elegant’s leisurely and elegant appearance. It seems that Ling Xiaoyao played chess alone before this, which is very eye-catching. However, Ling Xiaoyao admitted that he took out a miscellany in the corner of the carriage and looked at it to say that Ling Xiaoyao should be a person who loves to look at people everywhere.
LingXiaoYao saw this and also picked it up and looked at it all the way.
This is the second time that Shuiyunjin has come to Lingyin Temple. As soon as she got out of the carriage, a little novice monk led them in.
Outside a meditation room, Shuiyun Hibiscus and Lingxiaoyao decided to see the door creaking in a moment, and a monk came out from the inside. He looked like a master Lingyin. That’s right.
As soon as Master Lingyin came out, he fixed his eyes on the water cloud and his feet walked slowly like the wind. "It’s really lucky for the benefactor to see me twice in Lingyin Temple today."
Shuiyunjin didn’t expect this monk to be quite enthusiastic and it shouldn’t be difficult to get along with people. "I’m flattered by the master, but don’t be surprised to hear that the master is a sage, Yunjin."
"Don’t blame Laona for wanting to meet the benefactor" Master Lingyin laughed.
"See me" ShuiYunJin puzzled.
"The old benefactor once met, and it’s time to meet him." Master Lingyin made a bow.
What she is most afraid of is that the monk left the pie mouth and didn’t say anything when he spoke such mysterious words.