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Qi Hai is Gu Qishan’s confidant, and he and Gu Qishan have made a life-and-death relationship. If Qi Hai is not credible, it is impossible for Qi to help him keep it.

Therefore, he has given the burden of Qi Gang to Qi Hai today. Even if Gu Qishan can’t wake up, he hopes that Qi Hai can see his letter and help him the day after tomorrow.
Jihai nodded. "It’s for me to do it."
Gu Junting nodded and turned to the floor.
"Gu Shao" doctor saw Gu Junting hurriedly greet respectfully.
Gu Junting looked into the room and asked, "How is my uncle?"
The doctor carefully tunnel "Gu Shao, we have rescued for a day and two nights, but Gu Wang still shows no signs of waking up, even run."
The doctor hung his head and didn’t even dare to look at the court. He was worried that this grandfather would take his anger out on their medical workers. In recent years, medical injuries have occurred from time to time, and they were really scared.
Gu Junting frowned. "If I want you to try your best to save his life."
"Yes, we will try our best." The doctor breathed a sigh of relief
Gu Junting nodded and turned the floor.
Gu Qishan was shot, and Qi Gang was worried about foreign troubles. Qi Hai and Gu Junting stabilized the situation in the gang.
Without the help of Qi, Gu Xi and Fang Zonghuai wanted to deal with Anhao and Anchen early in the morning, and their plans were temporarily stranded.
During this period, Anhao and Anchen were not idle. They took advantage of the turmoil of Qi Gang to deal with Qi Gang.
They didn’t forget what Qibang did to Anhao. It was also because they left the G city to disintegrate Qibang and make Qibang Road disappear.
夜生活They are all enemies, Gu Qishan, but it is impossible for their brothers to swallow this tone because they almost killed Anhao.
More Kuang Anhao, if you don’t take this opportunity to disintegrate Qi Gang, then he won’t want peace in the future.
Gu Qishan, but Qiao Ying shot and killed Gu Qishan. Whether Gu Qishan is dead or alive, the Qibang will not let Qiao Ying go easily. Therefore, only by disintegrating the Qibang can the future trouble be avoided forever.
However, after all, Qi Gang is the first gang in G City, and it is not easy to disintegrate Qi Gang because there is family financial support behind the local strongmen here.
However, the two brothers have the confidence to believe that they can make the Qi Gang world disappear one day.
Since Qiao Ying moved in, Yun Qianxue found that An Chen and An Hao were busier. She didn’t know what they were doing behind them, but she knew that the current situation always seemed to hide some disturbing factors.
It’s late at night and Anchen hasn’t come back. Yun Qianxue is tossing and turning in bed to sleep.
Although he usually comes back late, it’s not like tonight. It’s almost twelve o’clock. He hasn’t come back yet. She picked up her mobile phone several times and wanted to call him, but she was worried that he was driving and it would affect him. She picked up her mobile phone and put it back, but she didn’t dial him after all.
The door was pushed open. When Anchen entered the room, she found that the light was still on.
Yun Qian Xue immediately sat up when she heard the noise. She finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ann Chen coming back intact.
"Wife, why didn’t you sleep so late?" Anchen walked beside Yunqian Snow and lovingly took her into her arms.
Yun Qianxue shook her head. "I can’t sleep. I’m worried about you. You usually don’t come back so late, but it’s almost twelve o’clock now. I’m worried …"
Anchen nodded her nose. "I’ll be fine, fool. It’s my fault. I should have called you before I came back so late. I must have stopped doing this."
Yun Qian Xue shook his head. "It’s okay. I know you’re busy. What are you and your eldest brother doing recently? You should be more than just busy with the company, right? "
Anchen hugged her and sighed, "Wife, do you know that Sister-in-law will not let go of Gu Qishan’s Qibang? If she wants Sister-in-law to be completely safe, we must find a way to get rid of Qibang?"
After Qiao Ying moved in, Anchen directly called Qiao Ying sister-in-law. Anyway, Anhao identified Qiao Ying in his life. His name is Qiao Ying sister-in-law, but he won’t be embarrassed at all.
"But how do you get rid of the qi help? Qibang is not a general gang with a solid foundation. "Yun Qianxue frowned. To tell the truth, she suddenly missed the city’s Taiping Day. At that time, their family had a really happy life, but now there seem to be many unstable factors approaching them.
An Chen said softly, "Well, it’s not good to eradicate it, but we must do it. Even if we don’t deal with them, they will come to deal with our family. The ambition is too great. He doesn’t want the An Tuan to rise again, so they will definitely find a way to deal with me and my eldest brother. The assassination of Gu Qishan by sister-in-law has created an opportunity for us. We will take this opportunity to quickly disintegrate the Qi Gang forces."
"But after all, Qi Gang is a triad society. You and your eldest brother are serious businessmen. How can you fight them?" Cloud thousand snow worry tunnel
"Xiao family’s influence is all over the ball, Xiao family’s G city’s influence is not small, and I have already let Yifan intervene in this matter. When the time comes, Qi Gang will collapse and benefit or Xiao family, so everyone is willing to help us deal with this matter."
Cloud thousand snow consternation "oh my god xiao family is not a city noble family? How also involved in black forces "
She didn’t know that Xiao’s family was still black and white. Xiao Yifan looked like a playboy. She was just an ordinary person. She didn’t expect Xiao Yifan to be so hidden.
Anchen chuckled, "Baby, you don’t know how much to go to you. Is he a playboy? That’s all appearances. He’s a tiger who eats people and doesn’t spit bones. "
Yun Qianxue shocked Anchen’s brothers. It seems that Xiao Yifan is the least handsome, but I didn’t expect Xiao Yifan to be the most terrible one among those brothers. It’s true that all that glitters is not gold.
Qiao Ying didn’t sleep when Anhao came home. She kept waiting for him. She knew that they were brothers these days, and she had been busy with her affairs. She always felt guilty that she had brought Anhao into trouble.
Anhao saw Qiao Ying sitting on the bed staring blankly so late and couldn’t help lovingly taking her into her arms. Judo "Yingying, why don’t you sleep? I said if I come back late, don’t wait for me. "
Qiao Ying looked at Anhao tunnel "Brother Hao, I’m sorry"
An Hao frowned. "How do you say that?"
Qiao Ying way "qi gang looking for you in trouble? I think it must be otherwise you wouldn’t be so busy recently. "
Anhao rubbed her hair funny. "Fool, why are you so stupid? Not only did you not apologize, but I helped me. If you hadn’t assassinated Gu Qishan, we would have needed more effort to disintegrate the Qi Gang."
Qiao Ying looked at him and asked in disbelief, "Are you telling the truth?"
"Of course it’s true. If Gu Qishan doesn’t die, he will try his best to deal with us. From the moment we set foot on the land of G city, those people have regarded us as enemies. We can avoid it and only fight back."
Qiao Ying angered, "It was Gu Xi who often encouraged Gu Qishan to settle down before the dead old man. It was the dead old man who provoked all this."
When she was still around Gu Qishan, she often heard Gu Qishan talking to Gu Xi. Gu Xi always ordered Gu Qishan to take her to deal with Anhao, and Gu Xi instructed Gu Qishan to do it.
An Hao sighed, "Gu Xi is an old fool, half of whom is buried in the loess. His ambition is still so great that he will pay the price in other ways."
Qiao Ying stretched out his hand and held Anhao lovingly. It’s almost a month since she moved in. During this period, Anhao went out early and returned to the company late to deal with Qi Gang, but she couldn’t help.
Anhao rubbed her soft hair judo. "Is Yingying bored at home? If you want to go out, I can have a bodyguard follow you. "
Qiao Ying shook her head. "I’m not bored. I feel sorry for you. I hope you’re not so tired."
Anhao bowed his head and kissed her before saying softly, "It’s good to have nothing to do. By the way, I won’t go to the company this weekend."